Thursday, January 23, 2020

Technical Documentation :: Computer Science

Technical Documentation The software that will be used for The Castletown High School System will be Microsoft Excel. This is a spreadsheet program that allows the user to carryout calculation and functions by using formulas. The machine should have a printer attached to it so that the users are able to print their work when they are done. The users of the system do not need to be overly good with computers but they do need a basic knowledge of how the system operates. The system has been designed to help those users who are not overly good with computers. This system should be opened by an icon on the desktop this will make it easier and quicker for the users to access. Each of the buttons included in the homepage has a macro attached to it which performs a specific task: Enter Results: This button takes you to a screen were you select which class you would like to enter results for when you chose the class you are then taken to the results entry form where you can enter the results for each pupil for your specific subject. Streaming List: This button also takes you to a page that asks you which class you would like to stream when you have chosen this you will be brought to the streaming list were you can stream that class but also compare the male and female results in a graph. Pupil Report: This button allows you to create a pupil report when you click this button you will go again to the class selection. When you chose the class you must then chose which of the pupils you wish to do a report on when you do this you will be brought to the report sheet were all the pupils details including grades will already be entered. Lookup(Grade,GradeLookupTable) This formula is used to work out the grade for the pupils. This is done by the formula checking the percentages against a table. ROUND(Mark/Max_Mark)*100 When the Mark and the Max Mark have been entered by the user the above formula will automatically work out the percentage. This button when pressed will bring the user back out of the Data Entry Form back to the main menu. Data Validation This is the error message that appears if the user inputs a number that is greater than the max mark. This is the basic layout of my report. Text Box: When the report is opened the information for Aine Boyle is automatically taken from the database and displayed in the streaming list, so the user only has to fill in there comment manually.

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